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Refer to the exhibit.

The five routers shown in the exhibit are successfully implementing OSPF on the interface shown in the exhibit.
The exhibit also shows settings for OSPF areas and interface costs.
A network administrator enters these commands on Router 4 and Router 5:

Which statement correctly describes the OSPF routing table on Router 2?

A.    It has one next hop for,
B.    It has one next hop for,
C.    It has not learned a route to
D.    It has one next hop for,, and

Answer: B

A company uses 802.1X authentication to force users to connect to the network.
The company uses access layer switches to enforce the 802.1X authentication and HP IMC User Access manager (UAM) as the RADIUS server.
The customer requires switches to apply a specific settings to contractor use connections.
The network administrator checks the switch documentation and determines that this settings uses a vendor-specific attribute (VSA).
The administrator check UAN and verifies that it has this VSA defined on it.
How does administrator configure UAM to apply the correct setting?

A.    Define IP port groups on the access devices that need to receive the settings. Configure the VSA and its settings within these groups
B.    Add the settings to the VSA definition and then activate the VSA globally
C.    Create a scenario with the VSA and its settings: apply this scenario to the access devices that need to receive the settings
D.    Create a proprietary attribute policy with the VSA and its settings; apply this policy in the service policy for the contractor users

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Client 1 is transmitting traffic to the data center.
Switch 3 transmits the traffic on the link to Switch 1.
How does Switch 1 handle the traffic received from Client 1?

A.    It forwards the traffic over the ISC to Switch 2.
B.    It routes the traffic and forwards it towards the data center.
C.    It drops the traffic.
D.    It forwards the traffic over the keepalive link to Switch 2.

Answer: A
It see that destibation MAC address is accessible

Refer to the exhibit.
This HP 10500 Switch Series is receiving an average of 1 Gbps of HTTP traffic from The switch starts to receive an additional 1 Gbps of HTTP traffic from
How does the switch handle the traffic?

A.    It drops the traffic
B.    It forwards the traffic but marks it yellow (for a higher drop precedence)
C.    It forwards the traffic without remarking it in any way
D.    It forwards the traffic but marks it for forwarding in a lower priority queue

Answer: C

What distinguishes an HP switch with a CLOS fabric from an HP switch with a crossbar fabric?

A.    The CLOS fabric can integrate with a virtual switch, which is deployed in a virtualized server.
B.    The CLOS fabric is a requirement for an Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) virtual switch with more than two members.
C.    The CLOS fabric can dynamically shut down power to unused switch ports, proving better energy efficiency.
D.    The CLOS fabric can dynamically load-balance internal traffic over many paths, helping the switch support 40G/100G.

Answer: D

Four HP 3800 Series Switches have formed a backplane stack in a ring topology.
Member 1 is the commander the two stacking links on the member 1 fail.
What happens?

A.    If LACP Multi-Active Detection (MAD) is enabled and the stack connects to a ProVision switch on a link aggregation, member 2, 3 and 4 and shutdown the ports Otherwise, no ports are disabled
B.    If LACP Multi-Active Detection (MAD) is enabled member 1 shuts down all of its ports.Otherwise, no ports are disabled
C.    If the split policy is one-fragment-up member 1 shuts down all of its ports
D.    If the switch policy is one-fragment-up members 2, 3, and 4 shut down all of their ports

Answer: C


HP Comware Switch 1 connects to switch 2 on GigabitEthernet 1/0/1.
Swutch 2 implements an inbound rate limit of 600 Mbps.
The network administrator wants switch 1 to buffer traffic that exceeds the Switch 2 rate limit of 600 Mbps and send the traffic at 600 Mbps.
All traffic has the same 802.1p priority and is forwarded in priority queue 2.
What should the administrator apply to the Switch 1 interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/1?

A.    A line rate limit of 600 Mbps on queue 2
B.    A QoS policy with a classifier that matches all traffic and a CAR behavior that sets a CIR of 600 Mbps
C.    A weighted random early discard (WRED) table with a limit of 600 for queue 2
D.    A traffic shaping rate limit of 600 Mbps on queue 2

Answer: D

In which components of HP FlexNetwork solutions can Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) play a role?

A.    IRF can operate at any layer of both campus and data center solutions.
B.    IRF can operate at the access layer of both campus and data center solutions.
    It cannot operate at the core.
C.    IRF can operate within data center solutions but not in campus solutions.
D.    IRF can operate at the core of both campus and data center solutions.
    It cannot operate at the access layer.

Answer: D

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