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Which choice best describes RF challenges for outdoor mesh site survey and deployment?

A.    Reflection
B.    Reflection, absorption
C.    Diffraction
D.    Diffraction, scattering
E.    Reflection, absorption, diffraction, scattering

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit. After performing a Layer 1 survey using Cisco Spectrum Expert, which result is indicated by the visual screen?

A.    Normal 802.11b activity
B.    Normal 802.11g activity
C.    Microwave oven interference
D.    Video camera interference
E.    Bluetooth device interference

Answer: A

What document is required to build the Statement of Work?

A.    pre-survey questionnaire
B.    post-survey questionnaire
C.    site survey report
D.    installation report

Answer: A

What RF phenomenon results from a presence of metallic I-beams, conveyor belts, chain-link fences, and metallic shelves found in a warehousing environment?

A.    multipath
B.    free path loss
C.    absorption
D.    scattering

Answer: A

Which two are impacts of having 802.11b clients in an 802.11g network? (Choose two.)

A.    802.11b clients will degrade throughput of 802.11g clients
B.    802.11b is more susceptible to multipath than 802.11g
C.    802.11b operates over fewer channels than 802.11g
D.    802.11b uses 20 MHz wide channels, 802.11g uses 40 MHz wide channels
E.    802.11b is more susceptible to attenuation than 802.11g

Answer: AB

What type of survey is used to assess and analyze existing wireless infrastructure?

A.    passive survey
B.    active survey
C.    predictive survey
D.    application survey

Answer: A

When planning a site survey, what Cisco tool can an engineer use to estimate the number of required APs?

A.    MSE Location Tracking
B.    WCS Planning Mode
C.    WLC NetFlow Exporter
D.    LWAP Monitor Mode
E.    WCS Map Editor

Answer: B

The wireless survey report shows APs staggered throughout a facility, with several of them placed right on the exterior walls. Other APs are located right at building corners and major turns in the structure layout. Assuming all survey locations are optimized with a minimum of -67 RSSI at cell edges with 20% overlapping cells, for what purpose can this survey model be used?

A.    location based services and BYOD preparation
B.    voice and data clients with video on demand
C.    streaming video with VoIP and data as an option
D.    location services, VoIP, data, and video

Answer: D

A customer wants to deploy wireless services inside a 500-seat auditorium. Given the volume of potential users in this condensed area, what is the best option for AP deployment?

A.    place 802.11n APs along the outside edge with dual-band directional antennas
B.    place 802.11n APs along the outside edge with 2.4GHz directional antennas
C.    place 802.11n APs along the outside edge with 5GHz directional antennas
D.    place 802.11n APs in the center with 2.4GHz sector antennas
E.    place 802.11n APs in the center with 5GHz sector antennas
F.    place 802.11n APs in the center with dual-band sector antennas

Answer: B

A wireless engineer is gathering equipment to perform a point-to-point bridge survey. What three pieces of equipment should be used? (Choose three.)

A.    3502i with dual band directional antennas
B.    3502e with AIR-ANT2460NP-R
C.    1132 with a 10dBi Yagi
D.    1552e with three AIR-ANT2547-N=
E.    1552e with AIR-ANT2588P3M-N=
F.    1310 with internal antenna
G.    1142 Series with internal antennas

Answer: BEF

What three best practices should be performed for a Data-Only Survey? (Choose three.)

A.    reduce the power to 50% of the client max power
B.    reduce the power to 75% of the client max power
C.    disable DTPC
D.    enable DTPC
E.    5 – 10 percent overlap
F.    10 – 15 percent overlap

Answer: ACF

What are the best practice minimum and recommended signal level values for a Location Services Survey?

A.    minimum: -65dBm; recommended: 60 dBm
B.    minimum: -70dBm; recommended: -68 dBm
C.    minimum: -75dBm; recommended: -72dBm
D.    minimum: -80dBm; recommended: -78dBm

Answer: C

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