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A wireless deployment must check guest device compliance before allowing access to the network. Which type of guest deployment is needed to allow the Client Provisioning portal?

A. central web authentication
B. sponsored
C. hotspot
D. self-registered

Answer: B

Which characteristic of an 3GT enforcement policy is true?

A. An SGFW has an implicit permit at the beginning.
B. An SGFW has an implicit deny at the end.
C. An SGACL has an implicit deny at the end.
D. An SGACL has an explicit deny at the beginning.

Answer: C

When configuring a BYOD portal, which two tasks must be completed? (Choose two.)

A. Enable policy services.
B. Create endpoint identity groups
C. Customize device portals
D. Create a client provisioning portal.
E. Create external identity sources.

Answer: AE

A customer has implemented a BYOD policy to allow employees to use personal devices on the corporate network. Which two methods can an employee use to add their devices to the network*? (Choose two.)

A. Client Information Signaling
B. My Device portal
C. Client Handshake Authentication
D. Helpdesk registration
E. native supplicants

Answer: BD

Which type of probe is required when using a Cisco IOS Sensor-enabled network switch?

A. network scan probe
B. HTTP probe
C. RADIUS probe
D. NetFlow probe

Answer: D

An organization is deciding between single or dual SSID solutions for onboarding BYOD devices. Which item must be considered before selecting the dual SSID solution?

A. Wireless coverage is reduced with dual SSIDs
B. Additional access points are required for dual SSID.
C. Dedicated controllers are required for dual SSIDs.
D. The second SSID adds channel overhead

Answer: B

Which two values are compared by the binary comparison function in authentication that is based on Active Directory?

A. subject alternative name and the common name
B. user-presented password hash and a hash stored in Active Directory
C. user-presented certificate and a certificate stored in Active Directory
D. MS-CHAPv2 provided machine credentials and credentials stored in Active Directory

Answer: AD

A new consultant must be granted network access for only six months. Which type of ISE default guest account must be used to allow this access1?

A. contractor
B. temporary
C. employee
D. annual

Answer: A

Which two statements about RADIUS are true1? (Choose two.)

A. It uses UDP ports 1812 and 1813.
B. It encrypts the payload.
C. It encrypts the password only
D. It uses TCP ports 1812 and 1813.
E. It separates authorization and authentication functions

Answer: AC

Which method of registering devices on the BYOD My Devices Portal requires that the user have a supplicant installed?

B. single SS1D
C. web authentication
D. dual SSID

Answer: B

Which two options are advantages of using the Cisco IOS Device Sensor as compared to other profiling probes’? (Choose two.)

A. uses RADIUS authentication messages to send gathered data to a Cisco ISE server
B. provides DHCP information to a Cisco ISE server without using an IP helper address
C. reduces the amount of traffic going to a Cisco ISE server
D. collects switch CPU and RAM usage for monitoring purposes
E. replaces all the other profiling probes

Answer: AD


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