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An engineer must develop a new solution to streamline internal operations for the company. The goal is to provide faster and automated delivery of IT services to end users at any time. Which cloud characteristic fulfills the goal?

A. self-service
B. multitenancy
C. resource pooling
D. elasticity

Answer: A

An engineer must connect two existing SANs together via the FCIP protocol. Which platform provides this connectivity?

A. Cisco MDS 9250i
B. Cisco Nexus 9396PQ
C. Cisco MDS 9148S
D. Cisco Nexus 7010

Answer: D

For which reason must a storage engineer deploy thick provisioning?

A. to reduce latency when writing to disk
B. to minimize data loss in the event of a power outage
C. to combine multiple LUNs into a single datastore
D. to maximize disk utilization on the storage array
E. to guarantee VMs access to their allotted storage

Answer: A

A cloud engineer must implement an edge switch model that supports iSCSI and FC SAN as well as multiple VSANs and Inter-VSAN Routing. The switching fabric must meet the technical requirements at the lowest possible cost. Which series of switches must the engineer choose to meet these requirements?

A. Cisco MDS 9100
B. Cisco Nexus 5000
C. Cisco Nexus 7000
D. Cisco MDS 9200

Answer: A

A company has a large number of virtualized servers running a Nexus 1000V. The data center network is running out of VLAN IDs, and in response, an engineer has been tasked to ensure that over 4000 VLANs can be allocated to each virtual host to fix the issue. What solution would satisfy this requirement?

A. Expand VLAN capabilities on the VEM.
B. Turn off STP on the Nexus 1000V switches.
C. Add the Citrix NetScaler 1000V to the network.
D. Deploy a VXLAN backbone that extends to each virtual switch.

Answer: A

A company is looking for a WAN optimization product to add to its existing Cisco infrastructure. What product would meet this requirement?

A. Citrix NetScaler 1000v
B. UCS Invicta
C. CSR 1000V

Answer: B

A large pharmaceutical company asks its IT services staff to select and deploy to the cloud. The company collects sensitive data on its results across a wide array of drug trials. Which cloud deployment method would be most appropriate for the design?

A. public
B. community
C. hybrid
D. private

Answer: A

A service provider is trying to determine how many chassis the company must order to utilize its overstock of Cisco UCS blades. There are currently 12 half-width blades and 6 full-width blades. How many chassis must the company order?

A. 5
B. 3
C. 4
D. 2

Answer: C

Which statement about Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage protocols is true?

A. Fibre Channel can go up to 40 Gbps, but iSCSI is limited to 1 Gbps.
B. Fibre Channel and iSCSI are both block-based protocols and are used to access block devices.
C. Fibre Channel and iSCSI both use IP for communication.
D. Both protocols are the same.

Answer: A

A company wants to develop software for a mobile, cloud-based application. Due to funding restrictions, there are no resources to support any of the underlying infrastruture such as network, servers, operating systems or storage. Which service model must be used?

A. Software as a Service
B. Infrastructure as a Service
C. On-Demand Self Service
D. Platform as a Service

Answer: B

An engineer is running a lab environment on a local PC and wants to simulate a production ESXi environment. Which type of virtualization technology can the engineer deploy on the machine without compromising the ability to use the operating system on the local machine?

A. Type 2 hypervisor
B. Type 1 hypervisor
C. desktop mobility
D. horizon view

Answer: B

A mid-sized enterprise is 6 months into a two-year refresh cycle of its infrastructure upgrade. Last week, the new company CEO announced to shareholders an initiative that would pursue the cost savings aspects of cloud computing. An architect must develop the next iteration of the environment. Which cloud deployment method is most appropriate to meet the requirements?

A. community
B. hybrid
C. public
D. private

Answer: A

An architect for a company’s private cloud utilizes software-defined networking with the expectation of service microsegmentation. The architect intends to use MAC addresses printed on the network cards for ingress/egress filtering of each VM. Which aspect of virtualization initially impedes the architect’s success?

A. The MAC addresses are indistinguishable; the hypervisor stacks all the addresses on a single network interface.
B. The hypervisor translates only TCP/IP addresses from the virtual machines to MAC addresses.
C. The MAC addresses are not used for ingress/egress filtering; the architect must use TCP/IP.
D. The virtual machines are not allowed to access the hardware-based MAC address directly.

Answer: B


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