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Two routers are connected on a PPP link using CHAP authentication by default which value will the routers use as their identification on the link?

A.    Their hostnames
B.    Their IP address on the connected link
C.    Their interface numbers
D.    Their serial numbers

Answer: A

Which component of a GETVPN deployment is responsible for obtaining an IPsec SA to encrypt data within a group?

A.    Group member
B.    Key Server
C.    GDOI
D.    GRE

Answer: C

Which PIM multicast type is designed to be used for many-to-many applications within individual PIM domains?

A.    PIM-DM
B.    Bidir-PIM
C.    PIM-SM
D.    SSM

Answer: B

Which tunneling method can transmit IPv6 traffic over an MPLS infrastructure?

A.    6PE
B.    6to4
D.    6RD

Answer: A

Which IPv6 solution provides network information to clients without providing an IPv6 host address?

A.    autoconfiguration
B.    stateless DHCPv6
C.    stateful DHCPv6
D.    prefix delegation

Answer: A

Which two statements about PPP CHAP authentication are true? (Choose two)

A.    It is a one-way authentication method
B.    It uses a secret password, which is sent across the link for authentication
C.    It supports clear-text passwords
D.    It is configurable only on PPP callout links
E.    It uses a configured username and password to authenticate a host

Answer: AE

After you configure split horizon on an EIGRP hub-and-spoke network. You notice that some routes are missing on the spoke routers. Which two actions can you take to correct the problem? (Choose two)

A.    Increase the Hello and Hold timers on the connections between the routers
B.    Configure unicast neighbor statements on both the hub and the spokes
C.    Disable split horizon on the spoke router interfaces only
D.    Disable split horizon on the hub router interface only
E.    Configure the summary address command on the hub router
F.    Define a separate subinterface on the hub router for each spoke

Answer: DF

Which technology must be enabled on an interface before L2TPv3 can operate correctly?

A.    OSPF
B.    MPLS
C.    CEF
D.    STP

Answer: C


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